Best Customer Service in Chemical Processing

Expand your market, reach new markets, or add to your product line with Griffin Bros. chemical manufacturing.

And when you call Griffin Bros., you get not only high-quality, time-tested products, but you also get to talk to an expert who can help you create the right product with the right process to advance your business goals.

At Griffin Bros., we manufacture excellence:

  • Commercial cleaning products
  • Industrial cleaning products
  • Personal care products
  • Water treatment products

Our distributors sell our products to food processing plants, schools, nursing homes, restaurants, vehicle wash facilities, health clubs and more throughout 11 Western U.S. states.

Our manufacturing and warehouse facility in Salem, Oregon, is close to I-5, midway between Seattle and San Francisco, and close to the busy Port of Portland, with its access to the entire Pacific Rim.

We create our own popular, time-tested products, which you can sell under our label or your private label.

We market through distributors throughout the West.

You can expand your market with our toll blending service. Save transportation costs and save on upgrading facilities to as you try out new markets or products or just to cover temporary spikes in production. We have the capacity to blend by the truckload down to a gallon at a time. We also have clean and effective bottling facilities; we can attach your label or send the bottles to your plant for labeling.

We can ship throughout the United States or overseas — and we understand the packing requirements for the compound and the destination.

We also sell small lots of our chemicals in stock for bio-diesel production and other uses.

What we offer, along with our up-to-date facility and ample warehouse space, is the opportunity to work with people, not just a corporate manual. When you call and talk to the owner, Ryan Kelly, or the account sales manager, Rod Bennett, you’re talking to someone who understands your business goals and wants to help you reach them.

Company History

Griffin Bros., Inc., was founded in 1934. In 2007, Griffin Bros. bought the rights to sell Jadco, dba Chemlogis, products, including the AquaMate product line.