Use Private Label Manufacturing to Increase Products AND Profits

Your customers have spoken. They want some new products. They want to buy more of their supplies from you and less from your competitor.

But you’re caught between the customers’ needs and the realities of bringing a new product to market. It takes time and ingenuity. You’ll have startup costs, machinery and equipment, experiments to find out what really works. Then you’ve go patents to contend with, along with regulatory requirements and lawyers. It’s enough to make your operations people say, “It’s just not worth it.”

But you can give your customers more products to choose from by using Griffin Bros.’ private label manufacturing services.

Advantages of Private Label Manufacturing

By availing your company of the advantages of private label manufacturing, you open the door to wider distribution, happier customers, and increased productivity. Your customers won’t have to find other suppliers to meet their needs. You’ll give them more reason to simply stock their supplies with you.

Expand Your Product Line

You can add time-tested and proven-effective Griffin Bros. products to your catalog. We sell Jadco, Little Chemical, Chemlogis, and AquaMate products, with more than 40 years of history behind them:

  • Automotive cleaning
  • Aircraft cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Food service cleaning
  • Water treatment, including food-quality water treatment

With private label manufacturing, you can expand your product line and save your customers the trouble of searching around for other distributors to provide for their cleaning and water treatment needs.

Establish Your Authority

When you give these products your brand, that label is a constant reminder to your customers that the products represent the quality <you provide.

By expanding the range of products you offer to your customers, you build your company’s authority in their eyes as the go-to place to get what they need. When someone asks, “Do you have something that does this?” you can reply with confidence, “We certainly do, and you’re going to find it a real time- and money-saver.”

Seeing your label on these fine products will remind your customers where they need to go to get more and raise your reputation as a source of chemical excellence.

You can distribute these products with confidence, because Griffin Bros. stands behind them.

Save Manufacturing Expenses

Bringing a new product to market takes time, money, trial and error, manufacturing facilities, and the services of patent and regulatory lawyers.

By going with Griffin Bros. private labeling services, you can bypass all those hurdles and get straight to the finish line of having an effective product in your catalog.

With our ample manufacturing and storage facilities, we can blend batches of any size to meet your specifications. We can bottle the product or send a tankful to the packager of your choice. We label or you label. We’ll ship it wherever you want it to go, domestically or overseas.

Make the Product Uniquely Yours

The line can blur between private label manufacturing and toll-blending chemicals when we modify products to make them uniquely yours. Your best plan is to talk to Ryan Kelly about your project and your needs. Ryan’s experience and expertise make him a valuable resource for you to find the best way to deliver on those customer requests.