Toll-Blending Chemicals Helps Expand Markets

Breaking into new markets can be hard, whether you’re going national or international. Transportation costs keep rising, and increasing facilities can be prohibitive. Maybe you want to test a new product without having to invest deeply in new plant and equipment. Maybe you just need some overflow capacity. Maybe you want a manufacturer with local contacts who know the business and regulatory culture of the region.

For all these reasons and more, toll-blending chemicals with Griffin Bros. can help reach your goals without breaking your budget.

Transportation Costs

If you’re east of the Rocky Mountains, you know what transportation costs can do to your West Coast or Pacific Rim expansion plans. Let us create your products in our ample and up-to-date facility and ship them out under your label — just as if they came from your plant.

We’re close to the main highway of the West Coast, I-5, which runs from Canada to Mexico and beyond. Our plant in Salem, Oregon, is about midway between San Francisco and Seattle. We also have quick access to the Port of Portland, with ships going out throughout the Pacific Rim.

Product Expansion

Got an idea for a new product? Talk to Ryan Kelly, the experienced and expert chemist and owner of Griffin Bros.

He can help you develop the most efficient plan for getting your product to market.

And using Griffin Bros.’ advanced blending equipment and ample capacity means that you can test the market thoroughly before investing in the plant and equipment to make it yourself.

Overflow Capacity

Maybe you have your own chemical blending plant, but sometimes too many jobs arrive on your doorstep at the same time. Let us help with your overflow capacity. Our toll-blending services enable you to smooth out the production schedule while still keeping your customers happy with the impeccable quality of the blends they receive.

Business and Regulatory Environment

Griffin Bros. has passed Oregon’s rigorous testing for compliance with Department of Environmental Quality regulations. You can be confident that your products will be on time and deliverable, without any unpleasant regulatory surprises.

The friendly people at Griffin Bros. have deep roots in Oregon and close contacts throughout the 11 western U.S. states. We can help you plan your product to meet the needs of your new market, answering questions about common practices and pointing out potential hazards you might not have thought of if you weren’t local.

Our Expertise in Toll-Blending Chemicals

We have the capacity and experience to provide you the best experience in toll-blending chemicals:

  • We have the capacity and experience to process your order for domestic or international shipment
  • Our professional manufacturing support will help you make this project as smooth and efficient as possible
  • You can be assured of confidentiality for all your formulas
  • You can ship your products globally with confidence, knowing that we have years of experience handling all the packaging and logistics
  • Our expansive production capacity means that your products get shipped on schedule
  • You choose how and where to have your labels applied. We have the equipment to professionally brand your products, or we can ship them and they can be labeled at their destination, so that you can sell private-label products using our production facilities
  • Flexible packaging options allow you to order in quantities ranging from tanker carload to gallon jugs.

Call Ryan Kelly to find out more about toll-blending chemicals for your company.